I am fascinated by the modifications of images: how things are being designed, edited, filtered and spread out into the world. I try to capture the overwhelming moments when every fragment is being changed.


— Ziping Wang

Ziping Wang was born in 1995, in Shenyang, China, where she currently lives and works. She holds an MFA from the Pratt Institute, New York, and a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.


Drawing on the visual languages of advertising and illustration, Ziping Wang’s paintings are inspired by the overwhelming experience of living within an attention economy in the digital era. Visually seductive food packaging often serves as the starting point for Wang’s colorful configurations that combine a wide array of references and styles, ranging from cartoonish renderings of food, traditional Chinese and Japanese decorative motifs, Old Master still lifes, geometrically patterned forms, and amorphous blobs of varying opacity. Wang’s paintings offer the mirage of a narrative, of a space in which dissociative fragments cohere, yet resist any further extraction of meaning. Paintings as decoys, that talk about something without talking about it, or by talking about something else. The subtext of Wang’s compositions, however, remain as unknowable to the viewer as the black box of the algorithmic machine.


Recent solo and group exhibitions include Boundless Reverie: Chinese Savoir Faire and Contemporary, K11 MUSEA (Hong Kong, 2024, upcoming), Traces of Love and Timeless Adventure, Galerie Marguo at K11 MUSEA (Hong Kong, 2023) The Loudest Silence, Peres Project (Seoul, 2022); Obsession, Indifference and Onion Skin, Galerie Marguo (Paris, 2021); The Other Landscape, Unit London (London, 2021); Sentimental Touch, Unit London (London, 2020); Platform 2020, Winston Wachter Fine Arts (New York, 2020); ASYAAF, Gallery LVS, (Seoul, 2020); Holiday project 1 Group Show, Inna Art Space (New York, 2020); The Garden of Forking Path, The Wall MINI Project space (Beijing, 2019); Daydreaming, J.Yuan Associates LLC (New York, 2019); Artificial Delicacy, Gessoisland Artspace (Shenyang, 2019); and 37.2, The Cool Hunter (Beijing, 2019). Wang was the recipient of the First Place prize of the 12th Annual Juried Exhibition at Archway Gallery (Houston, 2020). She recently created ‘Sweet tooth’ handbag, one of the five artistic collaborations in the 5th edition of the Artycapucines Collection by Louis Vuitton.


Her works are in the collections of the ICA Miami, Zhuzhong Art Museum, Beijing, X Museum, Beijing, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong and Le Consortium, Dijon, France.


Born in Shenyang, China in 1995




2020 MFA, Pratt Institute, New York, USA
2017 BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA


Selected Solo Exhibitions



Galerie Marguo, 'Traces Of Love And Timeless Adventure', K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong


Peres Project, ‘The Loudest Silence’, Seoul, Korea


Galerie Marguo, ‘Obsession, Indifference and Onion Skin’, Paris, France


WT Foundation, Solo exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine


Unit London, ‘The Other Landscape’, London, UK

2020 Unit London, ‘Sentimental Touch’, London, UK

Gessoisland Artspace, ‘Artificial Delicacy’, Shenyang, China

  J.yuan associates LLC, ‘Daydreaming’, New York, USA


Selected Group Exhibitions



Le Consortium, 'New artworks for Consortium Museum Collection', Dijon, France


Unit London, 'small talk, London, UK


K11 MUSEA, '臥遊無界:中國工藝與當代藝術

Boundless Reverie: Chinese Savoir Faire and Contemporary Art', Hong Kong


Galerie Marguo, ‘ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair’, Shanghai, China


Galerie Marguo, ‘Home Run, Casa Marguo Inaugural Exhibition’, Menorca, Spain


Unit London, 'Dreamscape estuary' curated by Laura Shao, London, UK


Miguel de Cervantes Library, ‘Yes We Can: City, Art and Nature’, Shanghai, China

2022 Galerie Marguo, ‘ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair’, Shanghai, China
  Peres Projects, ‘Art Basel Miami Beach 2022’, Miami, FL
  Galerie Marguo, ‘The Hearing Trumpet part 2’, Paris, France
  Le Consortium, Drawing exhibition, Dijon, France

Phillips, ‘Sweet Jane in Fields of Daisies’, Online presentation curated by Joan Tucker, Hong Kong

2021 Peres Project, ‘Utopia’, Berlin, Germany
2020 Winston Wachter Fine Arts, Platform 2020’, New York, USA
  Archway Gallery, ‘12th Annual Juried Exhibition’, Houston, USA

Gallery LVS, ‘ASYAAF’, Seoul, Korea


Antraniq Gallery, ‘100 Days’, New York, USA


Collective 131, ‘Personal Space’, New York, USA


Inna Art Space, ‘Holiday Project 1 Group Show’, New York, USA


The Wall MINI Project Space, ‘The Garden of Forking Path’, Beijing, China

  Dekalb Gallery, ‘Welcome Back Show’, New York, USA
  The Cool Hunter, ‘37.2’, Beijing, China
  ‘Graduate Art Fair’, Shanghai, China
  President Office Gallery, ‘1st year MFA group exhibition’, New York, USA
  Greenpoint Gallery, ‘People's Choice Salon Show’, New York, USA
2018 Fou Gallery, ‘Art book fair’, New York, USA
  Trestle Gallery, ‘Small Works Exhibition’, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  Gallery of Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, ‘Illustration West 57’, Los Angeles, USA
2017 Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, ‘Art Book in China’, Shanghai, China
  ISB Gallery, ‘Dirty Dozen’, Providence, RI
  Woods Gerry Gallery, ‘Illustration department senior exhibition’, Providence, RI
2015 Jolie Gallery, ‘Art Factory’, Shenyang, China




ICA Miami, USA

Zhuzhong Art Museum Beijing, China

X Museum Beijing, China

Le Consortium DIjon, France

K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong




2023 Creation of ‘Sweet tooth’ handbag, one of the five artistic collaborations in the 5th edition of the Artycapucines Collection by Louis Vuitton.