Prestige: Louis Vuitton marks Chapter Five of the ArtyCapucines Collection

Jacquie Ang, Prestige, 20 Oct 2023

Louis Vuitton invited five leading contemporary artists for this year’s reimagination of the charismatic Capucines bag, exclusively available in limited editions of 200.


Out of the five collaborators, Chinese artist Ziping Wang’s playful spin is the smallest ArtyCapucines ever to be created. Affectionately nicknamed Sweet Tooth, the charming confection of leather patchwork and marquetry has a candy cane-like handle that matches the bag’s candy-shaped feet. An enamel gingerbread man wearing Monogram flower buttons graces the bag’s flap that imitates melting ice cream. The interior is just as exciting, with a reverse print of the exterior and a removable printed mirror resembling a slice of caramel apple.


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