Artnet | “Daydreaming: Wang Ziping New Paintings” at J. Yuan & Associates LLC

Sarah Cascone, artnet, 19 Feb 2019

Chinese abstract painter Wang Ziping is having her first solo exhibition with J. Yuan & Associates. Each canvas is conceived as the visualization of a conversation and the various linguistic formulations people use to communicate. She’s most interested in “conversations that sound ‘proper and appropriate’ but in reality are superficial or evasive in their content,” according to the artist’s statement.


"My paintings represent modified conversations. Since I was a child, I have always been intrigued by the power of language. People's choice of words, the flow of sentences, the selection of topics, these aspects of a conversation reveal so much about one's identity. Therefore, in context, one chooses both consciously and subconsciously the most appropriate ways to engage in a conversation. By using multiple picture planes and digitally edited images, my paintings parallel the heavily curated conversations of real life." — WANG Ziping