Vanity Fair: Louis Vuitton’s Fifth Iteration of Artycapucines Has Arrived

With inspiration stemming from childhood bliss to the role of women, five artists put a modern spin on a classic accessory.
Kayla Holliday, Vanity Fair, 12 Oct 2023

Can fashion be art? Louis Vuitton is back for the fifth time to make the case, offering its Capucines bag as a canvas for contemporary artists Billie Zangewa, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Liza Lou, Tursic & Mille, and Ziping Wang for the latest Artycapucines collection.


“Once it leaves the workshop, it begins a life of its own, as well as it should,” said Franco-Serbian duo Tursic & Mille of their collaboration with the French luxury fashion house. Their reimagining of the Capucines bag reconceptualizes the idea of image overload, taking on a floral shape that frames a newly pigmented and embroidered rendition of a 2021 work.


Medium was also top of mind for Chinese artist, Ziping Wang. “When I first began this project, I immediately considered the bag as a moveable structure, which is designed to be seen from every angle, creating a continuous image,” she said. Her design, entitled “Sweet Tooth,” evokes the childhood bliss associated with receiving a sweet treat. Its small size yet bold design are meant as a commentary on the hypervisual world in which we live today. “I selected a few elements that I thought would adapt to the form well and printed them out. I also built a paper model of the bag using collage,” she said of her artistic process.

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