Amanda Baldwin was born in Seattle, WA in 1984 and currently lives and works in Queens, NY.  She received her BFA from University of Washington and MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Working with traditional modes of depiction, such as landscape painting and still life, Amanda Baldwin starts by separating and considering each individual element within a composition.  She approaches these objects, from vases to mountains to melons and their shifted palettes with the intent to morph them into some kind of abstracted facsimile of themselves.  By straddling representation and abstraction within each piece she breaks down the familiar and presents playful worlds where uncertainty works itself into concrete forms.  Rock, plant; the organic and inorganic, can all produce eerily similar rhythms and patterns within her work.  By striking a balance between disintegration and recognition Baldwin imbues new identities to the familiar. 


Her recent solo shows include Hesse Flatow (New York, 2020), Thierry Goldberg Gallery (New York, 2019), and 106 Green (New York, 2017).  Selected group exhibitions include Y2K Group (New York, 2019), Underdonk Gallery (New York, 2018), Essex Flowers (New York, 2018) and Brennan & Griffin (New York, 2016).


Born in Seattle, WA in 1984

Lives and works in Queens, NY




2012 MFA, Painting and Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University
2009 BFA, Painting and Printmaking, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
2005 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI




2020 Hesse Flatow, ‘Raindrops are Spheres’, New York, NY
2019 Thierry Goldberg Gallery, ‘Last Weekend's Lemon’, New York, NY
2017 106 Green, ‘The Rest of the Crowd’, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, ‘To Each Their Own’, Richmond, VA




2020  UTA Artist Space, ‘Everyday is Sunday’, Beverly Hills, CA
  Shin Gallery, ‘Shin Haus’, New York, NY


Artual Gallery, ‘In With The New,’Beirut, Lebanon


Y2K Group, ‘Mushrooms’, New York, NY


CRUSHCURATORIAL, ‘Surreality’, New York, NY


5-50 Gallery, ‘Graces’, LIC, NY


Thierry Goldberg Gallery, ‘Another History’, New York, NY


Underdonk Gallery, ‘Still Lives’, Brooklyn, NY


Essex Flowers, ‘Home Edition’, New York, NY


Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia, ‘August Sun’, Athens, GA


Thierry Goldberg Gallery, ‘Optically Topical’, New York, NY


106 Green @ NADA, New York, NY


106 Green Presents, Brennan & Griffin, New York, NY


Mulberry Gallery, ‘Remember When We Were All Objects’, Richmond, VA


Sediment Gallery, 'To: Pluto', Richmond, VA


Art in General, ‘Recuperative Tactics’, New York, NY


Mint Gallery, ‘Live Amateurs’, Atlanta, GA


White Box Gallery, ‘The Sho’, New York, NY


Anderson Gallery, ‘Thesis Exhibition’, Richmond, VA


FAB Gallery, ‘Anti-Subjective’, Curated by Lisi Raskin, Richmond, VA


Manchester Flats, ‘Everybody’, Richmond, VA


Virginia Commonwealth University, ‘We’re All In This Together’, Curated by Gregory Volk, Richmond, VA


FAB Gallery, ‘There Are A Lot of Squares in Here’, Richmond, VA


Locker 50b, ‘Kleine kunstschätze!’, Richmond, VA


FAB Gallery, ‘Agent Form’, Richmond, VA


Jacob Lawrence Gallery, BFA Show, Seattle, WA


Sandpoint Gallery, ‘New Works’, Seattle, WA


Jacob Lawrence Gallery, ‘School of Art Open’, Seattle, WA


The Art Center, ‘Texas National 2008’, Nacogdoches, TX


Mary Gates Hall, University of Washington, ‘Student Exhibition’, Seattle, WA


Jacob Lawrence Gallery, ‘Small and Flat’, Seattle, WA




University of Washington, Seattle, WA