I'm looking for a way to unify triviality, literality, ordinary things with elevation, verticality and transcendence.


— Thomas Block Humery

Born 1971 in Paris, Thomas Block Humery is a Franco-German artist who lives and works in Paris. He holds a master's degree in film studies from Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

After dedicating a decade of photographic work to young people living in the Nordic region and exhibiting his work in Reykjavik, Rovaniemi, Cologne and The Hague, in 2010 Humery began to focus on the United States and 'The Great American Vernacular Encyclopedia,' a constantly evolving cathedral project that explores the American territory as an ordinary and transcendent experience.



In his wanderings, he examines with his 4x5 chamber camera the mundane as an enigmatic source of mystery and poetic elevation, a world both literal and cryptic. His work is published in volumes by Marguo Books. After the first volume titled 'The Sleeper' in 2020, volumes 2 and 3, 'Delta Delta' and 'Mineral Motel' made in the Gulf South and across the Nevada and Arizona desert respectively are now available.  


Born in 1971

Lives and works in Paris, France


Associate's degree in French Literature, Bachelor's degree in Arts (Cinema), Master's degree in Arts (Cinema)


Solo Exhibitions


2023 Galerie Marguo, 'memoranda', Paris, France
2019 Galerie f16, ‘Hautvillers Hollywood’, Paris, France
2014 NeC Galerie, Situations Paris’, Paris, France
2008 National Museum of Iceland, Portraits, Reykjavik, Iceland

Valo Gallery, ‘Great Expectations’, Rovaniemi, Finland

  Galerie du Bon Marché, Défilé sans trêve, Paris, France


Group Exhibitions


2021 Galerie Marguo, ‘Presentation of Marguo Artists’, Paris, France
2017 AD Interieurs at La Monnaie de Paris, Paris, France
2009 Galerie de Pôle Images de Rouen, ‘France-Finlande, Rouen, France 
  Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Neiges, Paris, France
2005 Centre Photographique Kotka, Finland

Peri Gallery, Tuku, Finland


Nouvelle Image Gallery, The Hague,  Netherlands


Voix Off, Arles, France

2004 Martin Kudlek Gallery, ‘Poc in Town’, Cologne, Germany 
  F/Stop, Cologne, Germany

Photo Espana, workshop, exposition, Madrid, Spain

2003 Galerie du Bon Marché, Carnets de Voyage, Paris, France