Hautvillers Hollywood

By Thomas Humery for Dom Pérignon
Thomas Block Humery, Joan Didion, 2019

Publisher: Bye Studio

ISBN: 9782956623601

Dimensions: 29 x 22.5 cm

Pages: 120

"Hautvillers Hollywood, shot by photographer Thomas Humery (b. 1971). Invited by Dom Pérignon as one of their artists in residence, Humery is known for exploring the idea of America though a photographic work since 10 years. In this latest photo book he provides us with a mysterious vision of Los Angeles, a place transformed by the ghostly presence of Dom Pérignon - a hidden presence which allows the city of stars to full reveal itself.

In addition to the texts and accompanying notes written by the artist himself, National Book Award-winning writer Joan Didion makes a guest appearance with the contribution of her essay ‘L.A. Noir’, making this collection of images as much a textual reflection on ambivalence and duality as a visual one."