A'Driane Nieves: Notes From The Laughing Barrel

Marguo Books
A'Driane Nieves, 2023

Galerie Marguo is pleased to announce that A'Driane Nieves' collection of writings to accompany her debute solo exhibition in Europe is now published and available for reading online.


Published on the occasion of Nieves' first solo exhibition with the gallery 'Notes From The Laughing Barrel', this booklet is a collection of micro-essays that contextualize the themes and stories in the paintings through reflections and insights into the artist own inner monologues. 


"i often wonder how many of the emotions

that i sense in my body and conscious mind on a daily basis

are not even my own but belong to the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and cousins 

i am born from.

i wonder if perhaps my body is a home for what they could not express, 

a channel for the emotional release they were denied

i wonder how much of what i express now as an adult is a regurgitation

of what they were forced to swallow generation after generation.– Excerpt from booklet ‘Notes From The Laughing Barrel’


Read A'Driane Nieves' writings and explore her exhibition online.

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