My work is not representative of our external; instead it is about our (Black) bodies, experiences, traumas & triumphs, healing, & identities from an internal perspective. Each piece is a part of the body, psyche, and soul turned inside out; the intimate recesses, fault lines, eroded sediment, gravity wells, multitudes, & universes we contain as we navigate a society that judges us by what can be seen with the eye.


— A’Driane Nieves

A’Driane Nieves was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1982.


A visual artist and writer, A’Driane Nieves is a U.S. Air Force veteran and the founder of an arts nonprofit and art magazine.Nieves is a self-taught painter of over a decade. At the urging of her therapist, she began using painting as a form of art therapy in 2011 during her recovery from postpartum depression and following her later diagnosis of bipolar disorder. This initial experimentation led to her using abstract expressionist painting as a way to overcome the impacts of childhood abuse, specifically emotional suppression. Influenced by Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly, Bernice Bing, and early Black abstractionist painters ranging from Alma Thomas to Mary Lovelace O’Neal, Nieves’ paintings offer space for her own and others' quiet reflection and contemplation. She credits both the writing and visual components of her practice with helping her to find her voice and creating space for her to safely release long-buried emotions.


Her interdisciplinary practice focuses on the physical, epigenetic, psychological, and social-emotional impacts of trauma—inherited, historical or ancestral, personal —exposing how it shapes, alters, and redefines identity over the course of our lives. Her intuition-driven process draws heavily on memories, emotions, and experiences from both the past and present. Nieves often completes a painting in one sitting, relying on physical movement and music to channel her inner truths and rememberings.


Through abstract forms and composition and expressive mark-making, she gives visible shape to the internal biological and emotional processes of adaptation, recovery, healing, and transformation. Nieves' work allows her to carve out—and take up—space where the fullness of her humanity as a Black, queer, neurodivergent woman can be expressed without retribution. It is her hope that holding space in her work to express her fullest self encourages others to do the same.


In 2018, Nieves founded Tessera Arts Collective, a not-for-profit serving women and non-binary abstract artists of color. Nieves' exhibits internationally; selected exhibitions include Art Basel (Switzerland), Frieze (London), Art021 Shanghai; Le Consortium Museum (Dijon, France); Galerie Marguo (Paris, France), Lawrence Van Hagen Art,(Hong Kong, China), and BODE Projects (Berlin, Germany). Her work can be found in collections across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, including the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Dangxia Art Space, Beijing, Spurs Collection in San Antonio, USA, and the Rennie Museum, in Vancouver, Canada.  


Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1982

United States Air Force OEF/OIF Veteran (2002–2006)

Founder & Executive Director, Tessera Arts Collective

Lives and works in Greater Philadelphia Area





Associate of Arts (AA), Camden County College 


Solo Exhibitions


Le Consortium Museum, Dijon, France (upcoming)

2024  Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, USA (upcoming)

Galerie Marguo, ‘Synaptic Blooming’, hosted by Edit Projects, Seoul, South Korea


Galerie Marguo, 'i'm a Survivor' (online presentation), Paris, France


Galerie Marguo, 'Notes from the Laughing Barrel', Paris, France


Galerie Marguo, 'Notes from the Healing Circle' (online presentation), Paris, France


Selected Group Exhibitions



Standing Pine, ‘Resonant Harmonies’, Nagoya, Japan (upcoming)


Galerie Marguo, ‘ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair’, Shanghai, China


Various Small Fires, 'Frieze London 2023', London, UK


Galerie Marguo, ‘Home Run, Casa Marguo Inaugural Exhibition’, Menorca, Spain


Gillian Jason Gallery, 'Beyond Figuration: There and Now', London, UK


BODE Projects, ‘Color Coded’, Berlin, Germany

  Smart Fine Arts Asia, ‘Women in Abstraction’, Hong Kong 

Galerie Marguo, 'Art Paris 2023', Paris, France


Galerie Marguo, 'ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair', Shanghai, China


Simon Lee Gallery, 'Frieze London', London, England


Simon Lee Gallery, 'Art Basel', Basel, Switzerland


Le Consortium Museum, 'The Drawing Center Show', Dijon, France


Galerie Marguo, 'ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair', Shanghai, China


West Chelsea Contemporary, 'JVN x WCC On the Wall', Austin, USA


Susan Eley Fine Art, 'Three Abstract Artists',  New York, USA


Susan Eley Fine Art, 'AMERICANA Part II', New York, USA


The Delaware Contemporary, 'From Chaos to Order, Making Our Way in the New World of COVID-19', Wilmington, USA

2019 UICA, 'SPECTRA', Grand Rapids, USA
  Girlboss Rally, 'Perfecting the Journey', Los Angeles, USA
  Goat Farm Arts Center, 'Her Ritual', Atlanta, USA
  Blavity & 21 Ninety Summit 21, Atlanta, USA 
2017 Saatchi Art, 'The Other Art Fair', New York, USA
  Rare Device, 'WOMEN', San Francisco, USA
2016 Dibden Center for the Arts, 'AWAKEN', Johnson State College, Johnson, USA
2015 Wild Goose Festival, 'Life as Art' exhibition & Q&A w/ Frank Schaeffer, Asheville, USA


Murals & Public Art



Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia, USA


Streets Dept. Walls, Fashion District, Philadelphia, USA




Rennie Museum, Vancouver, Canada

X Museum, Beijing, China
Dangxia Art Space, Beijing, China

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France

Spurs Collection, San Antonio, USA

Podo Museum, South Korea

Private collections across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia & Australia 


Television & Film



Netflix/World of Wonder Productions, 'Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness'





A'Driane Nieves, 'notes from the laughing barrel', Marguo Books (essay collection)


Abstractions Magazine ISSUE 001, Tessera Arts Collective


Schiffer Publishing, 'The Motherhood of Art', Marissa Huber & Heather Kirtland, interview and photos


Create Magazine, Issue XI 


Ashley M. Jones, 'Magic City Gospel', Hub City Press, book cover


Ashlee Wells Jackson, 'The 4th Trimester Bodies Project', interview and photos





Mural City Cellars Wine Label Collection, featured artist, wine labels


Founded Tessera Arts Collective, nonprofit serving Black, Latin, Indigenous, and Asian women and nonbinary abstract artists