Video: Zhang Yunyao Artist Film

From Shanghai to Paris, a 3-minute short flim into artist's world
12 Oct 2020

Step into  Zhang Yunyao's temporary studio in Paris and see how the city has shaped his artistic journey, leading to a new body of works created during the time of Covid-19 and his first solo exhibition in Europe at Galerie Marguo.

Western classic sculpture has served as a link between my focus on image generation and hand drawing, which has become a key theme of my 'felt drawings' over the years.


2020 is a special year for everyone.  I actually feel fortunate that I’m experiencing this time as an artist.


— Zhang Yunyao

Vanessa Guo, formerly Director of Hauser & Wirth’s activity in Asia, and Paris art dealer, Jean-Mathieu Martini, launched a brand-new gallery in Paris, Galerie Marguo, on 19 October 2020.  The new gallery is inaugurated with an exhibition of new works by Shanghai-based artist Zhang Yunyao, which runs through 19 December 2020.