The process of making felt painting is my response to memory and its waning, which proves the unique temporal nature of painting itself.

— Zhang Yunyao

Zhang Yunyao was born in Shanghai, China in 1985 and graduated from the Department of Oil Paintings from Academy of Fine Arts at Shanghai Normal University in 2007.


By employing felt as the main medium of painting, he attempts to explore the unfixed meaning of emotions and desires. 


His works have been widely exhibited in various institutions such as chi K11 Art Museum (Shanghai, 2016), CAFA Art Museum (Beijing, 2015), Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (Shanghai, 2013), etc. His solo exhibitions include 'Zhang Yunyao'  at Galerie Marguo ( Paris, 2020), 'Zhang Yunyao: Drawing Room' Asia Now Paris Asian Art Fair (Paris, 2020), 'Palace of Extasy' at Qiao Space (Shanghai, 2019), 'Skin Gesture Body' at Don Gallery (Shanghai, 2017), 'Nec Spe, Nec Metu' at Perrotin Gallery (Hong Kong, 2017), 'After Evensong' at Don Gallery (Shanghai, 2015), 'Touch Point' 01100001 Gallery (Beijing, 2013), 'Mirage' at Don Gallery (Shanghai, 2013), 'Paradbox ' at Don Gallery (Shanghai, 2011).