Amanda Baldwin: Indigo Skyline

Marguo Books
Amanda Baldwin: Indigo Skyline: Marguo Books
Publisher: Marguo Books
Dimensions: 21 x 27 cm
Pages: 64
ISBN-13: 978-2-9564695-3-7
€ 38.00

Galerie Marguo is pleased to announce that Marguo Books' first release is now available.  Published by Marguo Books on the occasion of Amanda Baldwin’s first solo exhibition in Europe ‘Indigo Skyline’, this first book at Galerie Marguo presents the artist's practice and new series of landscape and still life paintings.


Opening the book is an essay on Amanda Baldwin by French philosopher and author Hedwig Marzolf and translated into English. Also included are installation views of the exhibition, complete plates of exhibited works, scannable multimedia materials for expanded reading as well as the artist's profile.


Publishing has always been a passion of both founders of Galerie Marguo and is central to the gallery’s DNA. Artists’ voices, exceptional art, design, and bookmaking are at the heart of Marguo Books’ program. Books are critical gateways to new ways of thinking and seeing; they provide vital, lasting records of artists’ works and ideas and the discourse they inspire. This is why publishing will always be a cornerstone of the gallery’s activity.

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