Dennis Miranda Zamorano's work investigates a multitude of material and conceptual approaches towards unexpected depictions of the human form and reflections on the human condition.

Dennis Miranda Zamorano (b.1993) lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.


A self-taught artist, the themes, subjects, and composition of Zamorano’s work and approach find their origins in El Tianguis, an open-air Mexican market tradition that his family has participated in for generations. For Zamorano, the dynamism and ephemerality of the marketplace, with its encounters, disputes, in addition to the economy of objects, aesthetics, and desires, are analogous to the act of constructing a painting.


His recent exhibitions include: Abstraction (re)creation, Consortium Museum (Dijon, FR 2024); Falling Upwards, Galerie Marguo (Paris, FR 2023); Ongoing portraits Chapter I, Galeria Furiosa (Mexico City, MX, 2021) and Ongoing portraits Chapter II, IMAGINE GALLERY (San Miguel de Allende, MX 2021); Los Relatos del Rostro, AppArt (Paris, 2018); LANDSCAPE, The Tiny Box Project (San Miguel de Allende, MX, 2017); For Here or to Go, WNDO space (Los Angeles, CA, 2017); El Límite de la Risa, IMAGINE GALLERY (San Miguel de Allende, MX 2016); and My American Experience, WNDO Space (Los Angeles, CA 2014). 


Miranda Zamorano is a member of the artist collective Colectivo ABSURDAS (Mexico City, MX) and co-founder of the Librería Informal, a contemporary art library in the Tianguis LAGUNILLA. In 2019 he was awarded a residency at Art House Holland (Leiden, NE) and 2018 he was an artist-in-residence at Zona-Seis, Galeria Luis Adelantado (Mexico City, MX).


Born 1993 in Mexico City, Mexico. Lives and works in Mexico City.


Solo Exhibitions


Galerie Marguo, Falling Upwards, Paris, France


IMAGINE GALLERY, Ongoing portraits Chapter II, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


LewAllen Galleries, The Mask Never Lies, Santa Fe, NM


Galeria Furiosa, Ongoing portraits Chapter I, Mexico City, Mexicon


AppArt, Los Relatos del Rostro, Paris, France


The Tiny Box Project, LANDSCAPE, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


WNDO space, For Here or To Go, Los Angeles, CA


½ estudio galeria, Magdalena Contreras, Mexico City, Mexico


IMAGINE GALLERY, El Límite de la Risa, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


WNDO space, Naturaleza Muerta, Los Angeles, CA


WNDO space, My American Experience, Los Angeles, CA


Group Exhibitions

Consortium Museum, Abstraction (re)creation, Dijon, France

Galeria Furiosa, ZONAMACO Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico


Galerie Marguo, ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China


Galerie Marguo, Home Run, Casa Marguo Inaugural Exhibition, Menorca, Spain


Galerie Marguo, Art Paris 2023, Paris, France


Galeria Furiosa, ZONAMACO Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico


Save the Artist (MATERIAL), Nadie Aterriza, Mexico City, Mexico


Dolores 54, Post Human II, Mexico City, Mexico


Buró de coleccionistas, TRÂMITE, Querétaro, Mexico


Galleria Ramo, this is Not a Curated Exhibition, Milan, Italia


Galería Furiosa, Al Children Garden, Mexico City, Mexico


Feria de arte, Material, Mexico City, Mexico


Feria de arte, ZONAMACO Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico


Galeria Furiosa, FACES, Mexico City, Mexico


Galeria Furiosa, QUE RICA ES LA CALLE, Mexico City, Mexico


Trapo Galería, A Quiet Place, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Espacio UNIÓN, Se nos Hizo Tarde, Mexico City, Mexico


Old School, Muestra Colectiva, Leiden, Holland


Residencia Art House, Final de Proyectos, Leiden, Holland

 2018 Galeria Luis Adelantado, Trastornos localizados, Mexico City, Mexico
  Pablo Goebel Fine Arts, La Marca de La Fe, Mexico City, Mexico
   Museo de Arte Carrillo Gill, 7102. Fantasma Semiótico Situacionista, Mexico City, Mexico

Galeria Autónoma Facultad de Artes y Diseño UNAM, ABSURDAS, Mexico City, Mexico

2015 Galeria Terreno Baldío, Motor de Impulso, Mexico City, Mexico


Public Collections

Shao Foundation, Shanghai, China

CC Foundation, Shanghai, China



Casa Marguo, Menorca, Spain