Ranging from fantastical to humorous to sardonic, Miranda Zamorano’s invigorating and penetrating caricatures broaden the viewer’s perception and understanding of post-colonial contemporary society.

Dennis Miranda Zamorano is a young emerging Mexican painter whose exhilarating works reflect on the human condition. With a focus on caricature, Miranda Zamorano investigates a multitude of plastic and conceptual approaches towards unexpected depictions of the human form.


Dennis Miranda Zamorano was born in Mexico City in 1993. Miranda Zamorano is a self-taught artist who considers himself a product of a tradition called “El Tianguis,” an open air market business that has long been the alternative for the survival of countless Mexican entrepreneurs. His work has been exhibited internationally. He lives and works in Mexico City.  


Born in 1993 in Mexico City, Mexico

Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico




Self-taught artist. Received personalized tutoring by Professor Robert Israel Wilson, in Los Angeles for a period or 3 months.


Solo Exhibitions



IMAGINE GALLERY, ‘Ongoing portraits Chapter II’, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Galería Furiosa, ‘Ongoing portraits Chapter I’, Mexico City, Mexico


APPArt, ‘Los Relatos del Rostro’, Paris, France


The Tiny Box Project, ‘LANDSCAPE’, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

   WNDO space, ‘For Here or To Go’, Los Angeles, CA
2016   1⁄2 estudio galería, ‘Magdalena Contreras’, Mexico City, Mexico
  IMAGINE GALLERY, ‘El Límite de la Risa’, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2015  WNDO space, ‘Naturaleza Muerta’, Los Angeles, CA
2014  WNDO space, ‘My American Experience’, Los Angeles, CA


Group Exhibitions



Galerie Marguo, ‘Art Paris 2023’, Paris, France

   Feria de arte, ‘ZONA MACO’, Mexico City, Mexico
   Save the Artist (MATERIAL), ‘Nadie Aterriza’, Mexico City, Mexico
   Dolores 54, ‘Post Human II’, Mexico City, Mexico
2022  Buró de coleccionistas, ‘TRÂMITE’, Querétaro, Mexico
   Galleria Ramo, ‘this is Not a Curated Exhibition’, Milan, Italia
   LewAllen Galleries, ‘The Mask Never Lies’, Santa Fe, NM
   Galería Furiosa, ‘Al Children Garden’, Mexico City, Mexico
   Feria de arte, ‘Material’, Mexico City, Mexico

Feria de arte, ‘ZONA MACO’, Mexico City, Mexico


Galería Furiosa, ‘FACES’, Mexico City, Mexico


Galería Furiosa, ‘QUE RICA ES LA CALLE’, Mexico City, Mexico


Trapo Galería, ‘A Quiet Place’, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


‘GET DAT’, Los Angeles, CA


Espacio UNIÓN, ‘Se nos Hizo Tarde’, Mexico City, Mexico


Old School, ‘Muestra Colectiva’, Leiden, Holland


NDSM, ‘EPA’, Amsterdam, Holland


Residencia Art House, ‘Final de Proyectos’, Leiden, Holland

2021 2018

Museo JUMEX, Museo de Arte Moderno, ‘Subasta, Arte vivo’, Mexico City, Mexico


Galería Luis Adelantado, ‘Trastornos localizados’, Mexico City, Mexico


Pablo Goebel Fine Arts, ‘La Marca de La Fe’, Mexico City, Mexico


Museo de Arte Carrillo Gill, ‘7102. Fantasma Semiótico Situacionista’, Mexico City, Mexico


BRIK HOTEL, Museo de Arte Moderno, ‘Masters’, Mexico City, Mexico


Galería Autónoma, ‘ABSURDAS’, Facultad de Artes y Diseño UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico


Galería Terreno Baldío, ‘Motor de Impulso’, Mexico City, Mexico