Feng Li: Garden

Online Viewing Room
12 Nov 2020

Coinciding with Photo Paris 2020, Galerie Marguo is delighted to present its first online viewing room FENG LI: GARDEN featuring 13 iconic works by street photographer Feng Li. United by the title "Garden," these works continue the artist's ongoing series White Night and are together the idiosyncratic depictions of the uniquely green (often dark) underbelly of the everyday life.


Feng's unique vision is characterized by surprising juxtapositions, tongue-in-cheek humor, bright textures and colors, all yielding a sense of the absurd and even the uncanny within the urban landscape.  


The quotidian is examined under a bright flash, populated by inscrutable yet compelling characters: a figure in a glaring green fur and wig-like hair blending into an equally green house plant; twin sisters climbed atop of an enormous fake lotus flower which, upon close exmination, is a broken part of an giant Buddhist sculpture of another era.  The humorous and the sinister, and the real and the surreal, share a single frame: an uneasy, startling balance of violence and satire without any context.