Yang Semine at Asia Now 2022

Solo Presentation

For its inaugural participation at Asia Now art fair, Galerie Marguo is pleased to present a solo booth of Korean artist Yang Semine. Comprised of a suite of new paintings from her Dragonfly series, this presentation will showcase Semine’s unique world inspired by nature and our inextricable place in its ecology.


The themes of metamorphosis, repetition and difference, are particularly voiced in Semine’s Dragonfly series, a meditation on light, color, weight, volume, and form – the fundamentals of painting. These entomologically inspired compositions likewise begin as digital drawings before they are translated back into the material and organic world, becoming a surface for the artist’s associative and intuitive experimentations that are reflected in the titles of each work.


Step into Yang’s studio in Dijon, France discover her world in this short film.



Directed by Tianhao Wu, Yang Semine