Steingrímur Gauti: Soft Approach

Paris Exhibition Full Film
25 Aug 2021

Galerie Marguo is pleased to present Soft Approach, a selection of new paintings by Icelandic artist Steingrímur Gauti. On view from 4 September to 9 October 2021, this is the artist’s first solo exhibition outside Iceland. 


Steingrímur Gauti’s (b.1986, Iceland) dynamic acrylic and mixed-media abstractions are passing blips on an enduring accumulation of present moments that constitute the artist’s daily studio practice. Inspired in turn by twentieth century art history and more ancient philosophies of Zen Buddhism, Gauti’s process reflects an ongoing meditation in motion in which he works continuously with whatever pigments are available at hand, striving toward a state of uninhibited painterly expression that is palpably lyrical yet devoid of formal preconceptions. Gauti’s canvases, while inevitably imbued with the layers of time, are contemplative exercises in surrendering to its inevitable passage. 


Step into Steingrímur Gauti’s studio in Reykjavik in this short video.