Steingrímur Gauti Joins Galerie Marguo

  • Galerie Marguo is pleased to announce worldwide representation of Reykjavík, Iceland-based artist Steingrímur Gauti.  


    Working primarily in acrylic combined with mixed media, Steingrímur Gauti has developed a singular language, mastering abstraction as a pure expression of emotions and intuitions.  Drawing inspiration from his surroundings—the often dramatic Icelandic nature and the country’s unpredictable, ever-changing weather—along with daily life and urban textures, his works are expressive and spontaneous, yet delicately nuanced and grounded.  


    Though he “doesn’t consciously think about colors and forms,” as the artist explains, Gauti in his particular layering of subtle colors and paint creates gravity that pulls you into these what he calls “emotional landscapes.”  He further said: “I aim to express and examine some basic forms of human emotions.  In a sense you could say that most of my paintings are just a series of mistakes until they add up to something that works out aesthetically and emotionally.  In a sense, a lot like life itself.”


    “Steingrímur Gauti‘s work feels like a form of contemporary poetry on its own and has very special resonance in the context of our program” says Vanessa Guo, co-founder and partner of Galerie Marguo.


    To mark this occasion, we present an online presentation by Ingólfsson featuring his most recent works created at his Reykjavík studio as Iceland thaws and enters springtime.  These large, abstract expanses with childlike drawings and scribbles scattered and sometimes hidden in layers of paint highlight the artist’s daily practice.


    Galerie Marguo will hold its first exhibition with Gauti in Paris in September 2021. 

  • View Steingrímur Gauti's works at the gallery by appointment.


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