Studio Visits: Oh de Laval

Sammy Su, HYPEBEAST, 11 Nov 2021

From spicy and visually pleasure-heavy to occasionally viciously violent paintings, Oh de Laval captures intimate human desires within a canvas while injecting an air of comedy and playfulness. The half Thai and half Polish artist has been paving her way through the art world as she displays an honest truth that may be hidden in most of us through her highly erotic set of works.


Her art has an instant effect in capturing a viewer’s attention as one can go from shock to wonder then amusement just by one frame of a story. Like her alluring pieces, the Warsaw-born creative is a riveting force of nature who presents an eye-opening outlook on human interactions with her own curiosity. Jumping from one European city to another, Oh embodies her surroundings and eclectic characters she encounters while slightly injecting influences from films and publications.


She had quite the productive past two years despite the pandemic with collaborations for the likes of Gucci to debut the luxury brand’s G-Timeless watch as well as an EP cover artwork for Kali Uchis’To Feel Alive. Afterwhich, she unveiled her first solo exhibition, entitled “Wild Things Happen in Stillness,” with Unit London right after the lockdown was lifted. Oh is now in preparation for another chapter in Paris along with showcasing her concepts through other forms of mediums.


In the latest installment of the Studio Visits series, HYPEBEAST spoke to Oh about her growth as an artist, inspirations as well as aspirations and perspectives on going through the motions of creativity.

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