DSCENE: DAY BEFORE TOMORROW Exhibition at Eugster II Belgrade

Art, DSCENE MAGAZINE, Exclusive, 3 Jul 2023

DSCENE Magazine embarks on a unique artistic collaboration as it joins forces with the esteemed Eugster II Belgrade gallery for a group exhibition entitled “DAY BEFORE TOMORROW.” Curated by the visionary talent of Vuk Ćuk, this also marks his curatorial debut, showcasing a remarkable group of artists, including the likes of Lyn Liu, Eva Papamargariti, Zarina Nares, Filip Kostic, Damien H. Ding, and Vuk Ćuk himself.nbsp;


The “DAY BEFORE TOMORROW” offers a vivid glimpse into the future through the prism of our perceived presence. It includes different perspectives on the current moment, a complex time in our history in which we are dealing with the ever-expanding and capitalistically-driven technological achievements that devour our everyday lives, the social context in post-pandemic times and a complicated political and economic situation at a global level.


Involving computer-sculptures, complex installations made from consumerist objects, video works, tapestries and paintings, this exhibition gives both a very personal and a more general view of the world that we are living in today, with humans at its center.


Damien H. Ding‘s thought-provoking works delve into the layers of human connection, examining the fragile threads that bind us together.



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