I often draw humans. We say humans, but there are many people. I portray drunken locals, clergy, or sometimes myself. Each person has something contradictory, such as sacred/vulgar, or beautiful/ugly, but they are equivalent inside a painting, as beings depicted by material paint. I am drawn to the chaotic anxiety of humans, and I paint today too feeling it is worth painting.


— Shinya Azuma

Born in Osaka in 1994, Shinya Azuma is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Kyoto, Japan. He holds a master’s degree in Contemporary Art from the Kyoto University of Art and Design.


Azuma makes a sketch of images inspired by the news programs or sceneries in daily life through his experience and remakes them on canvas with bold brush strokes. Azuma’s simple paintings with peculiar color usage and dynamic texture of the medium have quirkiness somehow, and vigor which stops us to see the picture. The themes of the works range from some well-timed serious issues such as wealth inequality or protests, to personal sexual experiences, but they all capture various aspects of humanity. Like memes on social media, the distinctive type of humor which can be both satire and self-deprecating sarcasm is one of the attractions of his works. From 2021, he has started to create sculpture made of wood and ceramics, expanding his range of expression beyond two-dimensional works.


Azuma's works have attracted the attention of collectors and art professionals in Japan as early as when he was a graduate student, and in 2021, he had his first overseas group show at Untitled Art Miami Beach in Miami, and is scheduled to exhibit in galleries in the U.S. and France starting this spring.  


Born in 1994 in Osaka, Japan

Lives and works in Kyoto, Japan





MFA, Kyoto University of Art & Design, Kyoto, Japan


BFA, Kyoto University Art & Design, Kyoto, Japan


Solo Exhibitions



COHJU contemporary art, ‘Shame: Inevitable Man‘, Kyoto, Japan


EUKARYOTE, ‘Throw a knuckleball from the jungle’Tokyo, Japan


Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery, ‘Joint technique‘, Tokyo, Japan


COHJU contemporary art, ‘Human. Human? Human!’, Kyoto, Japan


Group Exhibitions



Galerie Marguo, ‘Art Paris 2023’, Paris, France


COHJU contemporary art, ‘Art Collaboration Kyoto’, Kyoto, Japan


COHJU contemporary art, ‘ART FAIR TOKYO’, Tokyo, Japan


COHJU contemporary art, ‘Untitled Art Miami Beach’, Miami, FL


COHJU contemporary art, ‘Art Collaboration Kyoto’, Kyoto, Japan


Biscuit Gallery, ‘Welcome to the Painting Jungle’, Tokyo, Japan


COHJU contemporary art, ‘ART OSAKA’, Osaka, Japan


COHJU contemporary art, ‘JET STREAM LOGIC’, Kyoto, Japan


MtK Contemporary Art, ‘young okazaki vol.01’, Kyoto, Japan


COHJU contemporary art, ‘ART FAIR TOKYO’, Tokyo, Japan


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nichido contemporary art, ‘KANSAI VOICES’, Tokyo, Japan


yuge, ‘Social insurance and the Sphinx’, Kyoto, Japan


EUKARYOTE, ‘God’s left hand, Devil’s right hand’, Tokyo, Japan


EUKARYOTE, ‘YAE’, Tokyo, Japan




Takahashi Ryutaro Collection, Japan

sequence MIYASHITA PARK, Japan