Odonchimeg Davaadorj left her native Mongolia at the age of 17 and went to the Czech Republic then France, where she encountered a western culture that was new to her. This multi-layered identity has certainly influenced her gift for expressing her vision of the world via different artistic media. She draws, paints and sculpts as well as working with video, performance, dance, poetry and, more surprisingly, clothes. As she explains: "I think that you get to a point where you feel a work has to come out. If it's a poem, I have to write it down. If I can't write, I have to move, whether I dance or draw."


Until she left for Europe, Davaadorj built up an unusually close relationship with nature thanks to an almost self-sufficient lifestyle in a remote village. The work she has produced since her student years is inescapably imbued with this attachment to the sphere of animal and plant species. An element of nostalgia emanates from the little worlds the artist creates on all sorts of media along with an exquisite lyricism. Each element, whether a person, animal or house, expresses the melancholy remembrance of her childhood. They often feature the colour red, an intriguing unifying thread which reinforces the dreamlike nature of her work. The colour, embodying blood and life, is enriched by the fragility of the sewing thread, a sort of primary artery weaving through her drawings. Davaadorj's palette and fondness for fabrics and sculpture bear witness to her admiration for Louise Bourgeois' work, extraordinarily feminine, intense and sensual.


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Born in Mongolia in 1990

Lives and works in Paris, France





DNSEP with Honors of the Jury, ENSAPC, Paris, France


DNAP with Honors of the Jury, ENSAPC, Paris, France

2009 Institut Bohemia, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic


Solo Exhibitions



Drawing Now 14e, with Backslash Galerie, Paris, France


Re.Riddle Gallery, ‘Echo, ici’, Online, San Francisco, USA


Backslash Galerie, ‘Phusis’, Paris, France

2019 Backslash Galerie, ‘Zoom’, Paris, France
2018 Galerie Premier Regard, Ici, et ailleurs‘, Paris, France


Group Exhibitions



Galerie Marguo, 'The Hearing Trumpet, Part II', curated by Danielle Shang, Paris, France


Galerie Mario Mauroner, ’Garden of senses‘, Salzburg, Austria

  CODA Museum, ‘Nothing is what seems’, Netherlands
  Âme Nue, ‘Animal Kingdom’, Hamburg, Germany
  The Bridge, Galerie Christian Berst, ‘Salon de la mort II’, curated by Laurent Quenehen, Paris, France
  Backslash Galerie, ‘THE STAIRS’, Paris, France
  Centre d'art Transpalette, ‘Even the rocks reach out to kiss you’, curated by Julie Crenn, Bourges, France
  ‘Retracer notre ciel’, Online exhibition with Efigies_asso
2020 Galerie Dys, ‘KULT’, Brussels, Belgium
  Galerie Ségolène Brossette, ‘Divagations amoureuses’, curated by Madeleine Filippi, Paris, France
  Espace Bertrand Grimont, ‘Salon de la Mort’, curator Laurent Quénéhen, Paris, France
  Gallery Re.Riddle, ‘UNTITLED Art San Francisco’, San Francisco, USA
  Galerie Odile Ouizeman, ‘Un joyeux noël désorDONné’, Paris, France
2019 Beffroi de Montrouge, ‘Biennale of Young European Creation 2019/2021’, Montrouge, France
  Galerie Henri Chartier, ‘Éloge de la curiosité’, curated by Lisa Toubas, Lyon, France
  Galerie Paris-Beijing, Backslash Galerie, ‘BEIRUT ART FAIR’, Beirut, Lebanon
  Hermès La Verrière, ‘Matters of Concern’, curated by Guillaume Désanges, Brussels, Belgium
  CAC Meymac, ‘Figures of the Animal’, curated by Jean-Paul Blanchet & Caroline Bissière, France
  Plateforme, ‘Amours’, curator Laurent Quénéhen, Paris, France
  Backslash Galerie, ‘Future is collective’, Paris, France