I've been following the discourse of posthumanism and transhumanism with great interest, and I believe that painting has the ability to address these futurist ideas of our time on a very basic level, given its archaic physical nature, its slowness, material opacity, complex imprecision, and emotionality. 


— Ce Jian

Ce Jian's works deal with pictorial traditions and visual concepts that have their origins in cultural and art history and extend into today's digital image worlds. She is interested in questions of a technically transformed aesthetic and physicality, and discusses them in her carefully composed paintings with an expressive palette and spontaneous gestures, which serve as a counterbalance to her conceptual framework.


Her art revolves around the tension between rational constructions and their artificiality on one side and human experience, our perception and feeling, on the other. Ce Jian uses painting as a historically influenced manual medium in which both knowledge and emotions are encoded. Her interest in illusionism, camouflage and perspective – whether in a spatial construction, anamorphosis or stage design – stems from this. She plays with the double status of the physical and virtual presence of her paintings, which is why the exhibition space is also included in a fusion of reality and pictorial reality.


Born in Shandong, China in 1984 

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany





PhD, Art and Visual History, Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Germany


MA, Art history, philosophy and East Asian art history, Humboldt Universität and Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany


Solo Exhibitions



White Space, ‘Paradise’, Beijing, China


Yell Space, ‘Words of Art, Ce Jian & Yuzheng Cheng’, Shanghai, China


White Space, ‘Armada’, Beijing, China

  Zapbeijing, ‘On Paper 2’, Beijing, China
  Gallery SU:, ‘Bannermen’, Seoul, South Korea
2017 Whiteconcepts, ‘Transeuropa, Ce Jian & Yuzheng Cheng’, Berlin, Germany

Philine Cremer Gallery, ‘CAPTCHA’, Dusseldorf

2016 White Space, ‘The Grand Illusion’, Beijing, China

NON Berlin, ‘Elephant’, Berlin, Germany

2015 Philine Cremer Gallery, ‘Velum’, Dusseldorf


Group Exhibitions



Designrepublic, ‘Parallel Universes - Parafacts and Parafiction’, Shanghai, China


Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu, China


Beijing Contemporary Art Expo, ‘Story’, Beijing, China


Lage Egal, ‘Sonderlage’, Berlin, Germany


Surplus Space, ‘El Lissitzky's Rooms’, Wuhan, China


White Space, ‘A White Space Odyssey’, Beijing, China


German Embassy, ‘Kunstraum Berlin’, Beijing, Germany


Galerie Liusa Wang, ‘Yellow Reflection’, Paris, France


Qiao Space, ‘Art Patrons’, Shanghai, China


Fosun Foundation Collection, ‘A World in a Grain of Sand’, Sanya, China


La Chapelle de Clairefontaine, ‘Remixing Ground: Deconstructing Damage’, France