I try to approach the subjects from a point of empathy when they enter my consciousness as fleeting characters or as vacant blanks. I am interested in what happens when the subject is transformed into the content.


— Godwin Champs Namuyimba

Godwin Champs Namuyimba has an astute sense of presence when extracting the fantastical from the mundane. His observation skills tell of the humanity that his subjects offer through insights and exposure into their most vulnerable, humiliating or farcical moments. His subjects suggest that they have gone through some sort of change but it is either so discreet that we overlook the subtleties of that transformation, or we are apprehensive to really learn what that change may mean to us.


It is inside the feeling of unease that is delivered through the agency of beauty where Namuyimba finds the unintentional poetry that forms the basis for his works. The eye of the artist wandering around in these paintings. Some of his perspectives are dizzyingly misplaced to the untrained eye, but these ad hoc perspectives tell us more about the act of seeing, as if we were there ourselves on the inside of his paintings looking around, up and down, from side to side.


Namuyimba shares this act of observation with the masters of yesteryear such as Paul Cézanne and Juan Gris and his paintings come together in compositions that remind us that the act of observation is never stationary. It is forever changing and fleeting.


Born in Masaka, Uganda in 1989

Lives and works in Entebbe, Uganda





BFA Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda


Solo Exhibitions


2022 Galerie Marguo, ‘Inner Circle’, Paris, France
  Zidoun Bossuyt Gallery, 'Rocker Room’, Luxembourg
2021 East-Projects, 'Antechamber'New York, USA
  Ars Belga, 'Godwin Champs Namuyimba', Brussels, Belgium
2019 Galleri Steinsland & Berliner Gallery, 'The Dreamer', Stockholm, Sweden


Group Exhibitions



Zidoun Bossuyt Gallery, 'Summertime', Luxembourg


Colnaghi Gallery, 'Dreamsongs - From Medicine to Demons to Artificial Intelligence', London, UK


Ars Belga, June Invitational, Brussels, Belgium

  Galerie Anne de Villepoix, 'L’Afrique fantôme', Paris, France
  Laloma Projects, 'Demifigures', Los Angeles, USA





Stjarna.art, Brussels, Belgium




The Bunker Art Space, Beth Rudin de Woody Collection, West Palm Beach, USA

Örebro City Library, Örebro, Sweden

MUDAM The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The W Art Foundation, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hong Kong