I think now I'm just primed and trying to find those moments of connection more, like out in the world of things that we can connect with.


— Rebecca Ness

Rebecca Ness was born in Salem, MA in 1992 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA from Boston University and MFA from Yale School of Art


Her recent oils on canvas and gouaches on paper captured everything from the months of social distancing, moments of studio life, and depictions of personal moments with her girlfriend. She elevated the portrayal of her surrounding to providing us a focused insight into the most personal, and literally locked away parts of life. 


Interested in personal belongings, objects which we associate with value, and in particular collecting mentality, she has painted everything from her family basement, a pile of books on sale, to the mundane yet personally significant snapshots of her life. Careful about rendering and recreating all the labels, logos, cover graphics, patterns, signs of wear, and the ways they're organized, these cultural relics of a suburban Americana are telling stories within stories while being transformed into unconventional still-lifes of the present day. 


Born 1992 in Salem, Massachusetts. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.




2019 MFA, Painting and Printmaking, Yale School of Art

BFA, Painting, minor in History of Art and Architecture, Boston University


Solo Exhibitions



Jessica Silverman Gallery, Portraits of Place, San Francisco, CA


Carl Kostyal Gallery, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany


Galerie Marguo hosted by Edit Gallery Space, Threads, Seoul, Korea


Morgan Presents, Studio Visitor: Rebecca Ness & Joel Shapiro, New York, USA


Galerie Marguo, Stepping Out, Paris, France


Carl Kostyal Gallery, Windows and Worlds, London, UK


Nino Mier Gallery, Pieces of Mind, Los Angeles, USA


1969 Gallery, Twice Over, New York, USA


Yale Slifka Center for Jewish Life, Buttoned Down, New Haven, USA

Group Exhibitions



Friends of the Pod, Broadway Gallery, New York, NY


Galerie Marguo, Home Run, Casa Marguo Inaugural Exhibition, Menorca, Spain


Morgan Presents Gallery, American Portraiture: Selling the Self, New York NY


Jessica Silverman Gallery, Freize Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA


Jessica Silverman Gallery, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL


Morgan Presents, Janus, New York, NY


Akron Art Museum, Reflections on Perception, Akron, OH


Nassima Landau, do-mes-tic-i-ty, Tel Aviv, Israel


Alexander Berggruen Gallery, The Natural World, New York, NY


Friends Indeed, Mother and Child, San Francisco, CA


Harpers Books, 36 Paintings, Hamptons, USA


Anton Kern Gallery, 11, New York, USA


Blum & Poe, Show Me The Signs, Los Angeles, USA


Alexander Berggruen Gallery, Katherine Bradford, Hulda Guzman, Rebecca Ness, New York, USA


New Release Gallery, Yale MFA Painting, New York, NY


Richard Heller Gallery,Martin Gordopelota, Andrew Chuani Ho, Ana Benaroya, Anna Valdez, Los Angeles, CA


Yale MFA Painting/Printmaking Thesis Exhibition, New Haven, CT


Monya Rowe Gallery, On The Inside, Kate Klingbeil and Rebecca Ness, New York, NY


Galleria Acappella, MIART Art Fair booth with Daphne Ahlers and Kajsa Nylander, Milan, Italy


Gildar Gallery, A Little Tenderness, Denver, CO


Danese/Corey Gallery, Personal Spaces, New York, NY


Agency Gallery, Uncanny Tales, New York, NY


1969 Gallery, Now You See It, New York, NY


Green Hall Gallery, Words Cannot Express, Yale School of Art Second Year Show,  New Haven, CT


Readywipe Gallery, Human Shape, curated by Katherine J. Kim, Holyoke, MA


808 Gallery at Boston University, A Few Conversations Between Women, Boston, MA


Brilliant Champions Gallery, Bodies of Work, Brooklyn, NY


Green Hall Gallery, Yale School of Art, You Can Get In And Not Do Anything, Yale MFA


First Year Show, New Haven, CT


Hows Howard?, Garbage Necklace and Other Things, Boston, MA


41 Cooper Gallery, The Cooper Union, Reconstruir, New York NY


Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Anachronism and Liberation, Philadelphia, PA


W Hotel and Residences, One Night Stand, Michael Ford, New York, NY


Boston Center for the Arts, Boston Center for the Arts Ball,  Robert Moeller, Boston, MA


Field Projects Gallery, #38, Body/Head, pop up show at Be Fluent NYC, New York, NY


Copeland Gallery, B L O O M, London, UK


Distillery Gallery, re_vol_ting: an art show in protest, Boston, MA


Bergen Street Studios, Brooklyn Lime, Brooklyn, NY


Hows Howard?, Queer Painting, Boston, MA




2019 Salon Nino Mier, Cologne, Germany

New York Studio School Drawing Marathon with Graham Nickson,  

New York, NY


The Chautauqua Institution, Residency Program, Chautauqua, NY


Venice Studio Arts Program, Boston University, Venice, Italy




Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven,  CT

Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, FL
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA 
SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA 
Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO 
JP Morgan Chase Art Collection 

Long Museum, Shanghai, China

Kistefos Museum, Jevnaker, Norway

Dangxia Art Space, Beijing

M Art Foundation, Shanghai

Recharge Foundation, New York/Singapore

Asymmetry Art Foundation, London/Hong Kong