I've always been very taken by the fragility and ephemerality of certain compositions that I encounter on the streets, they are there, available and invisible to some but the moment I discover them, they are mine.


— HAN Bing

HAN Bing was born in China in 1986.  She holds an MFA from Parsons The New School for Design, New York and Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.  She earned her BFA from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.


Han Bing’s peripatetic upbringing has left her particularly attuned to the ‘fragile, ephemeral compositions’ found within the urban landscape, such as the multi-layered peeled off posters often seen plastered on subway platforms, or the ubiquitous panels of forest green scaffolding.  Roaming the city with her camera, the artist claims these precarious topographies as her own, which constitute the source material for the sweeping landscapes on view.  The accidental street collages, and subsequently Han Bing’s paintings, are a resonant metaphor for the nature of the city, and the instability of place, itself.  


Han Bing has exhibited widely across China and the United States. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘A Labile Boundary at Best’ at Antenna Space (Shanghai, 2020), and ‘territory to be tamed-------if not later then when’ at Night Gallery (Los Angeles, 2018). Selected group exhibitions include ‘Fifteen Painters’ at Andrew Kreps (New York, 2021), ‘Meditations in an Emergency’ at UCCA (Beijing, 2020), ‘Abstract! Minimalism to Now’ at Tilton Gallery (New York, 2020), ‘They Rise When Vernal Breezes Blow’ at Makeroom Gallery (Los Angeles, 2019), ‘The Crossing’ at Gallery Exit (Hong Kong, 2018).


Han Bing lives and works between Los Angeles and Shanghai.


Born in 1986, Shandong, China

Lives and works between Los Angeles and Shanghai




2013 MFA, Parsons the New School for Design, Fine Arts Program, New York, USA
2011 MFA, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting, Beijing, China

Parsons the New School for Design, Exchange Study Program, New York, USA


Willem de Kooning Academy Fine Arts, Rotterdam, Netherlands


BFA, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting, Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions


2021 Galerie Marguo,'Company', Paris, France
2020 Antenna Space, ‘A Labile Boundary at Best’, Shanghai, China
2018 Night Gallery, ‘Territory to be tamed – if not later then when’, Los Angeles, USA

Antenna Space, Neighborhood Institutions, ‘Pathes Nodes and Enclaves’, Shanghai, China

2016 Night Gallery, ‘Facades and Waves’, Los Angeles, USA
2015 D-space & Antenna Space, ‘Best Least Worst Option: HAN Bing solo exhibition’, Beijing, China
2013 Antenna Space, ‘Solo Exhibition of HAN Bing’, Shanghai, China


Group Exhibitions


2021 Andrew Kreps, ‘Fifteen Painters’, New York, USA
2020 UCCA, ‘Meditations in an Emergency’ Beijing, China
  Tilton Gallery, ‘Abstract! Minimalism to Now’, New York, USA
 2019 Night Gallery, Independent Art Fair, New York, USA
  Antenna Space, Art Basel Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  Makeroom Gallery, ‘They Rise When Vernal Breezes Blow’, Los Angeles, USA
 2018 Gallery Exit, ‘The Crossing’, Hong Kong, China
  LISTE Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
  Night Gallery, NADA Art Fair, Miami Beach, USA
 2015 LEAP Pavilion, ‘Coming Image’, PHOTOSHANGHAI, Shanghai, China
  West Bund Art + Design fair Shanghai, Shanghai, China

ART021, Shanghai, China


The Fourth Art – Sanya, ‘Scenarios of Time’, Sanya, China

 2014 Bernier/Eliades Gallery, Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  Antenna Space, Art Beijing, Beijing, China

Ran Tea House, ‘Contra – Rotations’, New York, USA


Fou Gallery, ‘Han Bing and Luka Rayski: Frame’, Two-person exhibition, New York, USA

 2013 ART021, Shanghai, China

Wassaic, Homeward Found: Wassaic Project Summer Exhibition, New York, USA

  The Kitchen, ‘The Intelligence of Things’, Parsons Fine Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition, New York, USA

Gallery Brooklyn, ArtCycle Discovers Prize: The MFA Finalists, New York, USA

 2012 Broadway Gallery, ‘Global Projects: Artists at Home and Abroad’, New York, USA

25 EAST Gallery, ‘Source Material’, New York, USA

 2011 Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, ‘The Start of a Long Journey: 2011 CAFA Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition’, Beijing, China
  Tang Contemporary Art Gallery, ‘Life is Elsewhere’, Bangkok, Thailand
  SKYROOM Gallery, CAA MFA Group Show, New York, USA
 2010 Beijing Center for the Arts, ‘The mARkeT, I’m’, Beijing, China
 2008 National Art Museum of China, Research of Contemporary Oil Paintings in China, Beijing, China
  Amelie Art Gallery, ‘Fable: Literary Experiments by Contemporary Visual Artists’, Beijing, China





Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Emerging Artist Grant Nominee, New York, USA

2015 Huayu Youth Award Finalist, Sanya, China
2011 Central Academy of Fine Arts, Outstanding Creation Award of Graduation Project, Beijing, China
2008 The National Art Museum of China, Research of Contemporary Oil Painting Award, Third Prize of Graduation, Beijing, China
  China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Project, Beijing, China




2015 – 2016    The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency, Shanghai, China