Galerie Marguo is delighted to announce an outdoor presentation of Paradigm – B (Structural), 2019 by British artist, Conrad Shawcross, to mark the grand opening of the gallery in Paris’s historical Marais district.  The 4-metre sculpture in weathering steel will be installed in Jardin Arnaud Beltrame over the course of the autumn in front of the gallery.


This initiative is made in collaboration with Château La Coste and the artist, who included this work in Escalations, a solo exhibition by Shawcross in the summer of 2020.  Given the context of the pandemic, it feels more important now than ever to celebrate contemporary arts and culture beyond the gallery space, in the public realm of the city.  Furthermore, Paradigm – B (Structural) itself is a particularly relevant work to present during this unprecedented time.

  • Conrad SHAWCROSS, Paradigm – B (Structural), 2019

    Conrad SHAWCROSS

    Paradigm – B (Structural), 2019


    The title Paradigm refers to the idea of the paradigm shift, identified by the American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn - a leap of imagination that jolts scientific enquiry forward and collapses pre-existing notions of what is true. This Paradigm series forms part of Shawcross' ongoing experiments and investigations into the tetrahedron and its geometric and philosophical potential.


    Paradigm – B (Structural) is composed of tetrahedrons, a form with geometric and philosophical potential that has long fascinated Shawcross. Unlike other shapes such as the cube, a tetrahedron cannot tesselate with itself, therefore it cannot ever completely fill a space. Ascending and twisting into a variety of sequences that seem to defy logic, Paradigm- B (Structural) is a very timely artwork to be shown in Paris during this period.

  • "I was first drawn to the tetrahedron when I discovered the ancient Greeks regarded it as the symbol for the basic unit of matter: the atom.  Since then I've tried to harness it as my brick or basic unit exploring both the philosophical and geometric properties of the tetrahedron for nearly two decades yielding an array of what I call psycho-geometric sculptures."


    — Conrad Shawcross

  • Conrad Shawcross: Paradigm – B (Structural)

    21 Oct 2020
    Galerie Marguo is delighted to announce an outdoor presentation of Paradigm – B (Structural) , 2019 by British artist, Conrad Shawcross , to mark the grand opening of the gallery...
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